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    Friday, March 6, 2020   /   by Callie O'Brien

    5 Tips to Make Your Home Look Ready For Spring Drakulich Realty Homes

    Spring is the season of rebirth, so make sure to take this opportunity to bring new life into your home! By making small changes in your décor, you can completely change a space. Best of all, that novel feeling of refreshment does more than just pretty-up your home – it can make you feel more relaxed and happy every time you see it. 
    Here are some tips from designers and home experts across the country to make your home ready for spring!

    Bring the Outdoors In

    Springtime is all about the changes going on in nature. Celebrate those changes by bringing some of the outside into your home. An easy way to do this is by adding flowers to your home décor. 
    “Spring is all about fresh blooms,” says Audra Walters, REALTOR® and home stager with Front Porch Properties in Charleston, SC. “I always try to add flowers for table settings to give it a fresh, spring vibe. Use different vases and containers to keep the visuals interesting bu ...

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