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  • The Nevada Museum of Art

    Monday, May 20, 2019   /   by Callie O'Brien

    The Nevada Museum of Art

    The Nevada Museum of Art has been a Reno institution since its founding in 1931, an in that time it has showcased some of the best collections in the world. As the only art museum in Nevada accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, the Nevada Museum of art is an excellent example of everything that Reno has to offer.

    As Amanda Horn, the Senior Vice President of Communications at the Nevada Museum of Art puts it, “the Nevada Museum of Art is very special in that it has a very strong, very grounded, identity as a Nevada based institution, while still understanding how it fits into a global context.” 

    Indeed, while the museum does have a focus on Nevada based artists and in fostering the latest generation of local creatives, the museum also manages to host collections from all over the world.

    While many people don't think of Reno in the context of the global arts community, Amanda asserts that, “Nevada and Reno in particular, has a very vibrant and eclectic arts scene" with this, in part, being thanks to Burning Man. “Reno, at large, has kind of grown up and diversified. The arts community is thriving and its really exciting. We have a strong relationship with burning man and they have a huge influence on the art scene here.”

    All it takes it a stroll through downtown to see this influence, with many of the works from burning man finding a permanent home in Reno. 

    While most people think of New York, Paris, or San Francisco when they think of cities known for their art scene, Amanda proposes that it is exactly because of Reno's sort of anonymity that it has been able to bolster the arts. She argues that, “one of the things that’s nice about Reno, is that you can support a creative class because of the cost of living, which allows us to retain pools of talent.”

    What do you think of the Nevada Museum of Art and the art scene here in Reno? Let us know down in the comments!