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  • César Pelli, Renowned Architect, Passes Away at 92

    Monday, August 5, 2019   /   by Callie O'Brien

    César Pelli, Renowned Architect, Passes Away at 92

    Born in a small town in northern Argentina, César Pelli would become famous for his architectural designs. Known for his use of glass, particularly in large scale skyscrapers, Pelli now lives on through his work all over the world. As Architectural Digest put it, "it wasn't the breadth, but more the quality of his work that demanded our attention. A quality of design that earned Pelli distinction from his peers in the form of hundreds of awards, including the American Institute of Architects’ 1995 Gold Medal, the Aga Khan Award in Architecture for the Petronas Towers in 2004, the Cemex's Life and Work Award in 2006, and in 2012, the Konex de Brillante Award, a distinction for being the most relevant figure in the visual arts of Argentina. Perhaps most significant to Pelli was when, in 1977, he was selected as the dean of Yale’s school of architecture,"

    Some of his most famous works include:

    1. The Petronas Towers, Malaysia 

    Once the tallest buildings in the world, they remain the tallest twin towers in the world and stand as one of Pelli's best known designs.

    petronas towers.jpg

    2. The National Museum of International Art (Osaka), Japan

    national museum of art osaka.jpg

    3. The Torre Iberdrola, Spain


    4. Grand Torre Santiago, Chile 

    grand torre.jpg

    5. Pacific Design Center, California 

    pacific design center.jpg

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